Case Study

Thea Caffea — Tea Directory

Project Brief

Produce a 16 page brochure to illustrate the specialist teas served at the Thea Caffea boutique tea room.

Our Approach

On location photography

We met with the owners of Thea Caffea to chat about the brief and their expectations for the project. Following this meeting we began to generate ideas and concepts for the brochure. Our goal was to produce a useful directory that a customer would investigate and would have the effect of inspiring them to try one of the specialist teas Thea Caffea provides.

We organised two photoshoots. The first covered all the varieties of tea and the distinctive crockery that Thea Caffea uses. We chose to photograph the various teas close up with a attractive blurred depth of field to provide the artistic photos we used on our two page spreads.

The second photoshoot was organised to take place within the tea room itself. Our photographer shot on location and really captured the essence of the tea room. These photographs combined to form the essential visual storytelling of the brochure.

The final product represented the high quality of the Thea Caffea tea room and the specialist teas that you can experience with them.

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