Case Study

Shimano European Catalogue

Project Brief

Produce the 2013 Shimano European consumer catalogue suitable for translation into 10 different languages.

Our Approach

Catalogue cover

Shimano are a company that embrace the outdoor lifestyle, producing cycling and fishing equipment. We deal primarily with Shimano EU which requires an annual print catalogue to help consumers order Shimano equipment and advertise new and original products.

To allow maximum flexibility for Shimano to use their own staff to translate the catalogue into other languages, our Art Director designed the project to take advantage of black plate changes. This method allowed production costs to be lowered on the project allowing Shimano to maximise their budget.

The catalogue was segmented into fishing disciplines with each section having it's own distinct feel and design. Running at 212 pages, the catalogue is brimming with everything a fisherman needs and importantly was distributed to over 9 countries allowing Shimano to have maximum market penetration.

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